The domain name of the
specified web address
is for rent or for sale.

Generic domain names become available regularly
due to, for example, canceled projects, business termination or bankruptcies.
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What is a good domain name? These are domain names that:
be generic; so describe your business activities. 

* Give the professional image of the specialist in your field.

* Be easy to remember in communication with direct contacts and other
marketing activities. (print and digital)
* Low chance of typos when filling in the URL bar of the internet browser.

* Contain the commonly used keywords on the internet related directly to your business activities. In combination with a good SEO (search engine optimization) your website will rank high in the organic results of Google Search. 
* Have the correct TLD; so ●NL for the Dutch market  or ●COM, ●EU and ●INFO for the international market as well.